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Selecting The Correct Type And Size Of Marquee For Your Event

Whether you are organising a small eve1nt at home or part of a large scale function it is vital that you select the correct size and type of marquee to ensure all patrons are safe and well protected. Before selecting the type of structure required (the two main options being a clear span or instant marquee) it is important to consider your budget. Clear Span marquees provide a much more temporary structure, where silk linings and chandeliers can be added to really make your event stand out from the rest. These types of marquees are preferred at corporate style events and those looking to host a somewhat lavish function. This however, often comes at a price, with set up costs being almost double that of an instant marquee. On the other hand, for those who still require shade protection in Melbourne’s unforgiveable weather and who do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a clear span marquee, we offer the instant marquee range. This style of marquee is very easy to assemble, and depending on size the units can be joined together to cover larger areas. By hiring an instant marquee you are able to save on decreased labour costs whilst still providing good cover which allows funds to be spent on other aspects of your important event.


After selecting the desired type of marquee the next step is to consider what size is needed. In order to select the correct size two factors need to be considered;

  1. Useable space
  2. Number of guests attending

If you have an odd shaped backyard with 2over hanging trees or obstructions and large slopes then your useable space drastically decreases and it is advised you organise a site inspection to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. If however, your event space is relatively flat and there are no obstructions, then simply measuring the area will be the easiest and most convenient way of calculating the largest sized marquee you can fit.

Now that you know the dimensions of your event space you need to consider how many guests are attending and if they will be standing or seated. The below table is a general indication of how many people you can accommodate in any given size;

3m x 3m 10 6
3m x 4.5m 15 – 20 12
3m x 6m 20 – 25 18
3m x 9m 35 – 40 27
4m x 6m 30 – 35 24
6m x 6m 40 – 50 36
6m x 8m 50 – 60 48
6m x 9m 60 – 70 54
6m x 12m 80 – 95 72
6m x 16m 115 – 125 96
10m x 3m 35 – 40 30
10m x 6m 70 – 80 60
10m x 9m 105 – 120 90
10m x 12m 110 – 160 120
10m x 15m 175 – 200 150
10m x 18m 210 – 240 180
10m x 21m 245 – 280 210
10m x 24m 280 – 320 240


Whilst it is good to overcompensate, at times it may not be necessary to hire a 6m x 12m marquee just because your event space is 6m x 12m. By using the table above you may realise that the casual drinks function you are hosting for 50 people will require a 6m x 6m marquee and your entire back yard space will not need to be covered, thus saving you those extra dollars!