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How to Add the WOW Factor to Your Outdoor Event

When the weather is nice and the days are warm, there’s nothing quite like throwing an outdoor event. Having your guests mingling outside over freshly prepared food, cold drinks and dancing the evening away to the best music is every host’s dream.

The possibilities with an outdoor event are endless. Depending on the size of your venue, there really are no limitations to what you can do – just let your creative juices run wild and let your inner event planner loose. As with any event, the key is to make sure your guests enjoy themselves, feel comfortable and leave knowing that this was an event to remember.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your next outdoor event. Follow these tips, be inspired and add the WOW factor to your event.

Use Different Lighting Sources

If your event is going to be taking place after the sun goes down, then you really need to consider your lighting choices. Lighting can help to set the mood and the tone of the event, so get creative and use at least three different lighting sources to achieve that flattering glow your guests will love. Hang fairy lights overhead, place candles around the area in jars or even better, hang them from trees in your garden. Light torches around the perimeter or light a fire pit for a truly amazing centrepiece.

Serve Finger Food

Finger food is a great way to allow your guests to move through the crowd and interact with each other freely. Stay away from cumbersome plates and cutlery and give your guests the chance to roam around uninhibited. Think too about the presentation and the colours you use in the food. Bright, vibrant colours will attract your guests to the finger food table, making it a fun focal point of your event. As an added bonus, there will be less cleanup at the end of the night and less chance of spills during the night. It’s win-win for everyone.

Hire a Marquee

A marquee is a fantastic addition to any event. They ooze sophistication and can give some much-needed structure to your event space. Using a marquee in your event area quickly changes the dynamic, creating that highly sought after indoor-outdoor feel. Marquees can hold anything from 12 to 50 people, giving you ample space to get creative. Add some lighting, put furniture in there or create a unique space for your guests to get acquainted. Attach flowers, colourful ribbons  or paper lanterns and make your decorated marquee a real talking point of your event. And, as an added bonus, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, your guests can take shelter and the event can keep on going.

Moving Bar

Rather than your guests having to break up their conversation to go the bar, why don’t you bring the drinks to them? Using a rolling table, you can have a portable bar at your disposal in no time at all. If you have a bigger crowd, then maybe multiple moving bars might be a better choice. It’s convenient for your guests and it can be a fun way to serve drinks without the hassle of carrying trays through large groups of people, which inevitably leads to spillages and breakages.

Creative Drink Ideas

On the subject of drinks, make your event one to remember by serving something a little different. Search Pinterest for some new cocktail ideas or make up some of your own! Perhaps rename some of the old classics with names that are appropriate for the night you are having and place menus around the event area. Try mixing it up with some local craft beers or wines and be sure to have a selection of mocktails for the designated drivers.

Prepare for an Outdoor Event to Remember

Organising an event takes time and lots of planning as there are so many things to consider. When organising an outdoor event, you have one more thing to consider, the weather! As long as you’re hiring a marquee that can house your guests, you won’t need to worry about a sudden downpour!

With a foolproof plan in your back pocket and everything organised, you can get on with the event, knowing that you’re covered no matter what happens. You and your guests can relax and embrace the WOW factor that your event will no doubt provide.


5 Factors To Consider Before Hosting Your Next Outdoor Event

The outdoors hold endless possibilities for event planning. It can create unique opportunities in large parks, as well as providing space for barbeques and organised sports. Best of all, wonderful weather energises people. However, outdoor events present a whole new set of challenges, complications and logistical concerns. To aid you with your next outdoor event, we’ve collated our top 5 factors to consider when facing the elements.

Is your event suited to an outdoor setting?

What sort of event are you going to be holding? Consider whether your event is wholly suited to an outdoor setting. For example, if you’re wanting to run a technology conference, this is probably best suited to an indoor venue with powerpoints, plugs and shelter. However, if you want to host a gorgeous, outdoor birthday bash, an outdoor setting would do just marvellously. Before committing to running an event outside, consider the core function and main objectives of your event.

Do you have the proper permits?

Now that you’ve decided to run your event outside, you need to consider whether you will require a permit. Even parks, outdoor concert halls and fields will be governed by a local council, so make sure that you check with local communities and governments in case you need a permit. Exactly as you would with an indoor facility, work with site management and understand the capacity, amenities and activities each outdoor facility can properly handle.

Pay attention to the weather, and have a backup plan

It is absolutely crucial that you pay close attention to historical weather records, such as temperature, wind and rain. Even so, the weather can turn on you at the last minute, so it’s imperative that you have a solid backup plan in place. A great, affordable way to still host your event outside whilst being shielded from the nasty elements is to hire a marquee. As well as this, it’s a smart idea to know your cost liabilities, insurance options and contract details in the event that inclement weather leads to cancellation or damages; this relates to equipment and venue rental, catering services, security, etc.

Don’t forget about the extra equipment

Because you’re hosting an event outside, you will most likely need to bring all the necessary equipment with you. This can mean chairs, tables, glasses, food, drinks, speakers, music system – whatever you need to make your event great. Outdoor event hack: extension cords, duct tape and synch cords are an outdoor event planner’s best friend. As well as this, it’s essential to keep walkways in mind when laying down wires, and always pay attention to power stations.

Keep your guests comfortable

Because you’re going to be out in the elements, it’s important that you cater to your guests accordingly. Are you going to be holding your event in the height of summer? If so, ensure an adequate number of fans and shade is available. Also, make sure there are more than enough amenities such as chairs, tables, toilets and sanitation facilities. For the safety and well-being of your guests, also ensure that there enough hydration and food, so people to go thirsty or hungry!

If you’re considering hosting an event outdoors, don’t forget about the details. Ensure you have the proper permits, equipment and amenities so your guests can truly enjoy the gift of nature.

Selecting The Correct Type And Size Of Marquee For Your Event

Whether you are organising a small eve1nt at home or part of a large scale function it is vital that you select the correct size and type of marquee to ensure all patrons are safe and well protected. Before selecting the type of structure required (the two main options being a clear span or instant marquee) it is important to consider your budget. Clear Span marquees provide a much more temporary structure, where silk linings and chandeliers can be added to really make your event stand out from the rest. These types of marquees are preferred at corporate style events and those looking to host a somewhat lavish function. This however, often comes at a price, with set up costs being almost double that of an instant marquee. On the other hand, for those who still require shade protection in Melbourne’s unforgiveable weather and who do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a clear span marquee, we offer the instant marquee range. This style of marquee is very easy to assemble, and depending on size the units can be joined together to cover larger areas. By hiring an instant marquee you are able to save on decreased labour costs whilst still providing good cover which allows funds to be spent on other aspects of your important event.


After selecting the desired type of marquee the next step is to consider what size is needed. In order to select the correct size two factors need to be considered;

  1. Useable space
  2. Number of guests attending

If you have an odd shaped backyard with 2over hanging trees or obstructions and large slopes then your useable space drastically decreases and it is advised you organise a site inspection to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. If however, your event space is relatively flat and there are no obstructions, then simply measuring the area will be the easiest and most convenient way of calculating the largest sized marquee you can fit.

Now that you know the dimensions of your event space you need to consider how many guests are attending and if they will be standing or seated. The below table is a general indication of how many people you can accommodate in any given size;

3m x 3m 10 6
3m x 4.5m 15 – 20 12
3m x 6m 20 – 25 18
3m x 9m 35 – 40 27
4m x 6m 30 – 35 24
6m x 6m 40 – 50 36
6m x 8m 50 – 60 48
6m x 9m 60 – 70 54
6m x 12m 80 – 95 72
6m x 16m 115 – 125 96
10m x 3m 35 – 40 30
10m x 6m 70 – 80 60
10m x 9m 105 – 120 90
10m x 12m 110 – 160 120
10m x 15m 175 – 200 150
10m x 18m 210 – 240 180
10m x 21m 245 – 280 210
10m x 24m 280 – 320 240


Whilst it is good to overcompensate, at times it may not be necessary to hire a 6m x 12m marquee just because your event space is 6m x 12m. By using the table above you may realise that the casual drinks function you are hosting for 50 people will require a 6m x 6m marquee and your entire back yard space will not need to be covered, thus saving you those extra dollars!