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Top Tips For Styling A Magical Marquee Event

There is a myriad of things to think about when you are hosting or planning an event, whether it be a birthday party or a simple luncheon for friends. Many factors have to be taken into consideration – food, drinks, table plans, guests, and equipment hire. A fantastic way to add a touch of class and magic to your event is to hire a marquee.

When hiring a marquee, it is beneficial to learn a few tricks that will enable you to utilise it to its full potential. Check out these top tips for styling a magical marquee event and have a roaring good time at your next party!

Choose a Reputable Marquee Supplier

First and foremost, there is no magical marquee event without a reliable marquee supplier. Marquee hire can be a tough nut to crack if you have not had experience with it before and selecting a reliable and well-established company with tons of experience and multiple positive reviews is definitely a must.


Lighting is absolutely essential when it comes to marquees. A majority of marquees come with uplighters, but it is not uncommon to add your own personal touch of lighting in a bid to create the exact atmosphere you desire. Additions of fairy or tea lights over the entire ceiling of your marquee give off a beautiful, delicate glow that is sure to bring a touch of magic to any event.

Include Lots of Hanging Decor

Marquees are like a blank canvas – they have huge empty spaces that are just calling out to be decorated. There are a number of ways that you can decorate your marquee for whatever event you have hired it for. Decorating your marquee with hanging flower displays, fairy lights, lanterns or hanging birds and butterflies is a good way of adding some character and pizazz to your event.


Adding personalised flooring to your marquee can be a great way of adding some character to your event. Depending on the season or the theme of your event, various floorings such as grass floors can add texture and a nicer summery theme to your party. In the cooler months, carpet flooring is a nifty idea to warm up the area and add an air of luxury to whatever event you are hosting.

An Exciting Entrance and Exit

Like any big event that everyone will be talking about for weeks after, creating a grand entrance and exit for your guests is always the way to go. Additionally, having an allocated entrance/exit at your event gives your marquee space some structure and direction. Treat your marquee as you would your own home – create a personalised, homely entrance. Decorate your entrance/exit with flowers, lights or even a goodie bag station so guests feel a warm welcome as they both enter and exit the space.

With these top tips for styling a magical marquee event in hand, we are certain that your next marquee event will be an absolute hit with all your friends and family.