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Marquee Hire Prices

Marquee Hire Prices

One of the first questions we are asked when someone is enquiring about marquee hire is the price. We thought we would put together an article to give some insight for some of the factors which effects the price. Please see below some factors to consider:


The location of the marquee you are hiring is a big factor to consider. The distance from the hirer’s depot and the access once on site are crucial factors to consider when organising your marquee. Factors such as tolls, staff travel costs are all costs which are passed onto the client and usually calculated in the delivery charges.


Most marquees for hire in Melbourne are based on a square meter rate. This usually includes the installation and the delivery is usually separate depending on the location where the marquee is being installed. There are inherent costs associated with larger marquees and this intern is more labour with installation and cleaning costs.

Please see below a list of sizes are available:

A Frame Marquee Style:

The lengths increases in 3 meter increments (ie: 3m, 6m, 9m long etc)

  • 3 meter wide
  • 6 meter wide
  • 10 meter wide

The lengths increases in 5 meter increments (ie: 5m, 10m, 15m long etc)

  • 10 meter wide
  • 12 meter wide
  • 15 meter wide
  • 20 meter wide
  • 25 meter wide

Curve Roof Style:

The lengths increases in 5 meter increments (ie: 5m, 10m, 15m long etc)

  • 10 meter wide
  • 12 meter wide
  • 15 meter wide
  • 20 meter wide
  • 25 meter wide

Roof Colour & Shape

There are options such as white and clear roof sheets which can be decided upon when you’re booking in your marquee rental. The clear roof options usually carry’s a slightly higher price as it is harder to maintain and keep clean. Traditionally, white roof marquees were common however we have seen a recent trend of company’s renting clear roof options as a point of difference.


Another factor which will depend on the size of the marquee and inevitably price is the furniture style you decide upon for inside the marquee. In a cocktail style layouts whereby clients utilise high bar tables instead of formal dining sit down tables & chairs you do not require as much space as a sit down formal dining arrangement. Due to the space the tables & chairs take we can comfortably fit more guests in a marquee with less furniture installed.

Please contact one of our team members today to obtain some accurate pricing on your upcoming marquee hire!

Clear Span Marquee Range

The clear span marquee is the most common style of structure offered by marquee hire companies in Australia. The name “clear span” eludes to the fact that the entire internal area is free of obstruction (i.e free of any internal legs or poles that could be intrusive on your event). The marquee frame is made of aluminium and the roof sheets are made from heavy duty PVC which can either be clear (eg: clear roof marquee) or white. The roof material is thick and thus provides a fully water proof membrane so that your guests are protected from the elements. The clear roof style aesthetically looks a lot better than the white roof, however, can be problematic if the temperature exceeds 25 degrees (it is not advised to utilise a clear roof marquee for a day time event). The white PVC contains a black membrane which actually blocks out the sun and provides a perfectly shaded area. In order to maintain the quality and cleanliness of our PVC canvas we have invested in an automatic fabric washing machine which is larger than the size of an entire 20 foot container. The machine is similar to an automatic car wash and uses large concentrations of bristles in conjunction with water mist to ensure every section of the canvas is cleaned on both sides. It is then blown with a heavy duty dryer and a wax shine is applied.

Regarding wind; all our marquee structures carry Australian engineering and we hold valid occupancy permits through the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) which means they have screened our structures to ensure they meet Australian Standards for fire tests, wind loading, materials etc. The walls of the marquee can be in a few different materials, however the main style we offer for our smaller tents is either white or clear PVC walls. In our larger structures, we will be introducing black glass walling systems as well as ABS (solid thermo plastic ) hard walling systems which are appropriate for certain corporate events and large warehousing structures. Clear span structures by design are modular, which means one bay (i.e one section) joins to the next and so on and so fourth. The widths of the marquees are fixed and cannot be changed, example; 3 metres wide, 6 metres wide, 10 metres wide as outlined in the below table. The length of the smaller width marquees is incremental by any number divisible by 3 metres i.e 3 metres long, 9 metres long, 15 metres long, 27 metres long. Our bigger tents (15m wide, 20m wide, 25m wide) can be built in any length divisible by 5 metres i.e 10 meters long, 15 metres long, 25 metres long, 50 metres long. Side height (eave height) of our small structures (3m to 10m) is 2.4 metres. Side height (eave height) of our larger tents is 3.0 metres. Peak heights vary depending on the width, please contact us directly for more information about dimensions and or technical drawings.

When the structures are positioned on grass/dirt and where there are no underground services (water, gas, electrical pipes etc) then we drive pegs into the ground to secure the structures. Our smaller marquees we utilise 350mm long pegs, whilst our larger width structures we utilise 1000mm long pegs. If the marquee is being erected on a solid surface such as concrete/asphalt or if pegging is not allowed then we weigh the marquees down with concrete weights. For the larger marquees we need to utilise the use of a forklift to position the concrete blocks as they can weigh anywhere from 500kg to 2 tonne.

If the event space happens to fall on unlevel ground or an a hill/slope then we can utilise a specialist raised flooring system (RFS) that integrates with our marquee structure. For more information on this product, please follow this link – https://www.openairevents.com.au/shop/cassette-flooring/

When selecting the appropriate size of marquee it is always best to contact us directly with as much information as possible. Our staff utilize a range of software’s including CAD so we can input your event layout to scale with exact dimensions and ensure everything will fit the way you require it. We also utilize sketching and rendering software for custom design, printing and fabrication solutions for your marquee.   Pertinent information such as total number of guests attending, are they seated at dining tables or standing ‘cocktail style’, dance floor requirements, whether or not there are service bars, photo booths, stage areas for announcements can all effect the marquee size. As a general rule of thumb, we allow 0.75 square metres per person when standing ‘cocktail’ theme eg: 120 people standing = 120 x 0.75 = 90 square metres of marquee required. In this instance, to get the 90 sqm for 120 guests standing we could utilise a 6m x 15m marquee or a 10m x 9m marquee. Our wide range of sizes can cater for small intimate dinners, weddings, birthdays up to corporate events containing 1,000 guests seated.

Once the marquee size has been confirmed, we can then assist with the ancillary products for hire such as dining tables, chairs, bar tables, bar stools, dance flooring, cassette flooring (high end oak veneer finish), glass walls, glass doors, lighting etc. Given there are a large amount of variables to consider we often recommend arranging a time to visit our warehouse and show room to discuss your event layout, furnishings and run you through the lighting options in person. By doing this, you will get a much better understanding and appreciation of how all the items come together to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

To discuss your marquee hire options and to obtain a detailed quote please contact our office on 1300 558 770.

Please note: if cost is a prohibitive factor then we would recommend utilising one of our cheaper styles of marquee seen here which is the instant style or pop up marquee – https://www.openairevents.com.au/diy-marquee-hire/

We look forward to assisting with your next event!

Wedding Marquee Installation – Private Location.

Alex & Dennis – Lower Plenty – March 2017

We were approached by the awesome Nat from Harper & Co on behalf of Alex and Dennis for their special wedding day late 2016. Open Air Events was engaged to supply a clear roof marquee large enough to cater for 250 guests seated as well as a large dance floor and featured bridal tables. The solution; a massive 15m x 40m clear roof structure with 33 rustic tables and 250 white americanas amongst other bits and pieces. The marquee roof line was covered with more than 300 metres of LED festoon lights that were controlled with an adjustable dimmer box. Over the feature bridal table we installed a cluster of pendant lights with Edison globes at varying heights which were mixed in with a huge 6 meter long floral hanging arrangement which exceeded 200kg. Our expert rigging team facilitated the appropriate trussing which was lowered on the day of the event for the florists (Ivy & Eve) to do their magic. To finish off what was already a spectacular set up, they capped it off by utilising Mega Deck to install more 100 square metres of a clear (acrylic) pool cover which was the dance floor area.

See here for a snippet of some of the drone footage on our YouTube Channel:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RiLQjzYA8s   Watch in HD

Get in touch with one of our team to find out what new products we are launching in the 2018 wedding season!

New Marquee Hire Stock!

New Marquee Stock!

Exciting times! We have recently updated our stock range offering both large amounts of clear roof and white roof marquees for hire in Melbourne. Our new stock additions allow us to cover large square meters along with having spare stock in the warehouse at all times for last minute demands or requirements. Our marquee stock upgrades have allowed us to move into new areas of business offerings marquees for hire for the following events in Melbourne: multi-unit marquees for events such as fun run’s and marathons; large tents for exhibitions, conferences and weddings along with marquees for a lot of other events and uses.  Our marquee’s for hire in Melbourne come in a range of options; clear roof marquess, white roof marquees and white roof marquees with a liner as an optional extra.


Curve Roof Marquee Hire

We have recently expanded and offer a more contemporary look with the addition of a curve roof marquee structure for hire. The curve roof marquee slightly changes the roofline adding a completely different look to the tent, especially for the hire of marquees for the use in weddings and corporate events. Our structures have been designed with flexibility in mind with an array of weight loading capabilities to allow for the hanging of lighting, art installations and floral arrangements from the roof line.

Feel free to contact one of our friendly staff to discuss your marquee hire requirements today!


Multi- Unit Marquee Hire

We our increased range of stock we now have the ability to cater for multi-unit events with hundreds of meters of marquee’s in stock for hire. We can both weight and peg the marquees in large quantities whilst still maintaining healthy stock levels for last minute orders for your event or festival.


We recently catered for a fun run the Red Bull Wing’s For Life World Run, the event was held in Melbourne as part of one of their legs internationally. We installed over 100 meters of marquee for the event, installing the marquees on a tight timeline. We completed the job within the timeline specified so the public car park the event was held in was ready for handover back to the public to minimise disruption. Open Air Event’s managed the entire marquee and furniture hire for this event along with all council permits and engineering sign off required to ensure it met the local municipalities guidelines. We managed the stage hire for this particular event as well as the stock mentioned above. Feel free to contact one of our staff today to discuss your upcoming event requirements!

Clear Roof Marquee Hire vs. White Roof with Liner for Marquee Weddings in Melbourne

Working in the event hire industry day-to-day we often get asked the cost difference between a clear roof marquee and white roof marquee with a liner for a lot of wedding marquee hire enquiries in Melbourne. There are many benefits of a clear roof marquee compared to a marquee with a liner; the clear roof option offers a ‘WOW’ factor for your event creating a magnificent space in the evening once the sun has set, opening up the night’s sky and stars whilst still being protected from the elements. The clear roof marquee option works out more cost effective compared to the liner option as it is less labour intensive, the money saved by going with the clear option can be invested in floral hanging arrangements or additional lighting (see pictured) to create a spectacular space for your wedding.


There are some downsides to the clear roof option and there is two main factors which should be considered while deciding which option is best for your event; the time of day the marquee is being used and the time of year the marquee is being used are 2 very important factor when deciding on the options for a marquee wedding in Melbourne. As there is no UV protection in a clear roof marquee it can tend to get quite hot if used during the day in the height of summer. Naturally, most weddings in and around Melbourne are held around the summer months due to the unpredictable weather patterns, if the marquee is being used towards the end of the day and in the evenings it is usually a comfortable temperature inside the marquee even during the hotter months. We offer a number of preventative methods to minimize the heat inside a clear roof marquee; we can tarp the marquee with an opaque material which blocks out the UV minimizing the heat furthermore cooling options such as misting fans and air-conditioning is available however come at a greater cost.


In recent years, there has been an attraction towards the clear roof marquee in comparison to lining mainly due to brides and grooms wanting to impress there guests and add a point of difference to their wedding. Although it is slightly more expensive than the plain white roof marquee option a wedding is such a significant life event that all option should be considered to make the day as memorable as possible. Contact one of our friendly team today to discuss your event requirements.