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A Guide to Hosting an Elegant Backyard Wedding

Lately, there has been a huge trend with DIY and backyard weddings. From holding it in your own backyard, to a friend’s farm, to a clearing in your favourite forest, there is a wide range of options that you can choose from to make your wedding suit you and your loved one. We’ve put together a guide that will help you host the perfect backyard wedding or engagement party.

The theme is entirely up to you

Choose a theme that fits the couple and complements their personalities and lifestyle. A backyard barbecue is casual, relaxed and fun! But if that isn’t your couple’s style, a wine and cheese tasting, a cooking class or even a formal cocktail party are all great alternatives.

Customise a creative menu

The beauty about a backyard wedding is that you don’t have to conform to the rigidity of booking a venue. When you book a venue, they usually have their own vendors with which you will have to book everything through: from food, to equipment hire, to staff, to music. Take advantage of this freedom and customise a creative wedding feast that is quintessentially you and your partner’s tastes.

Make your own rustic decorations

Depending on what sort of space you have to host your wedding in, you will have a wide array of DIY decorations that you can employ. Save some cash and collect driftwood and shells for a beach-themed casual wedding. If antique is more your flavour, why not style the wedding with mason jars, all things wood and eclectic pieces of furniture from thrift shops.

Marquee hire

A great way to jazz up your backyard wedding is to hire a marquee. Not only do marquees provide much needed protection from the elements, but they symbolise a classy, elegant feel. As well as this, they can cordon of a section of your wedding, for example where your guests will be eating, or where they will be dancing!

Extend your pool for extra floor space

If you’re short of space, never fear. There are ways that you can extend the space you already have. For example, you can hire a solid pool cover, that will act as flooring over your pool. Where there once was water, there now will be land!

Portable flooring

Other types of portable flooring are also available for hire. If you don’t want guests’ high heels to get stuck in dirt or lawn, you can hire flooring to cover these areas, to make it easier and safer for your guests to walk on.

So whether you’re celebrating your love via an engagement party, a wedding, or you’re hosting another type of party altogether, these 6 handy tips will help you make the most of your backyard. For all your event hire needs, speak to our friendly team at Open Air Events on 1300 558 770. We can’t wait to bring your event to life.