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Cassette Flooring


Introducing our new high end flooring system; cassette floor (integrated floor) with an oak veneer finish. This flooring product is designed specifically for our marquees and actually integrates with the marquee (i.e the flooring connects to the base plates with engineered aluminium beams). This cassette flooring product allows for a completely flat surface within the structure and we can offer our clients an oak veneer finish which looks and feels like real timber. Alternatively, if the veneer finish is not suitable for your event, then we can cover the cassette flooring with a secondary product such as a carpet tile or vinyl roll.

Raised Flooring System

A secondary product that we are providing in conjunction with the above is a raised flooring system (RFS) which integrates with our marquee cassette flooring product. Our raised flooring system allows for perfectly leveled structures (and floors) to be installed on inclines from 0m to 2.5m elevations. An easy to understand similar example would be scaffolding used on a building site, which can be adjusted to the correct heights, which then allows a marquee to be installed on top. The main issue is that scaffolding was not designed for this purpose and thus the marquee does not connect to the scaffolding solution. The raised flooring system we stock actually bolts to the marquee footplates which ensures it extremely sturdy and safe.

All our marquee structures, cassette flooring and raised flooring systems are fully engineered in Australia, and we carry Victorian Building Authority Occupancy Permits on all these products.

In short, if you have the perfect event location however the location for your event is on a hill or un-level ground we have the perfect product for your requirements.

For any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our staff. Alternatively, it may be more practical  to arrange a meeting at our showroom to see the products physically set up.

(In stock from December 1 2018)

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