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Clear Roof Marquee Hire vs. White Roof with Liner for Marquee Weddings in Melbourne

Working in the event hire industry day-to-day we often get asked the cost difference between a clear roof marquee and white roof marquee with a liner for a lot of wedding marquee hire enquiries in Melbourne. There are many benefits of a clear roof marquee compared to a marquee with a liner; the clear roof option offers a ‘WOW’ factor for your event creating a magnificent space in the evening once the sun has set, opening up the night’s sky and stars whilst still being protected from the elements. The clear roof marquee option works out more cost effective compared to the liner option as it is less labour intensive, the money saved by going with the clear option can be invested in floral hanging arrangements or additional lighting (see pictured) to create a spectacular space for your wedding.


There are some downsides to the clear roof option and there is two main factors which should be considered while deciding which option is best for your event; the time of day the marquee is being used and the time of year the marquee is being used are 2 very important factor when deciding on the options for a marquee wedding in Melbourne. As there is no UV protection in a clear roof marquee it can tend to get quite hot if used during the day in the height of summer. Naturally, most weddings in and around Melbourne are held around the summer months due to the unpredictable weather patterns, if the marquee is being used towards the end of the day and in the evenings it is usually a comfortable temperature inside the marquee even during the hotter months. We offer a number of preventative methods to minimize the heat inside a clear roof marquee; we can tarp the marquee with an opaque material which blocks out the UV minimizing the heat furthermore cooling options such as misting fans and air-conditioning is available however come at a greater cost.


In recent years, there has been an attraction towards the clear roof marquee in comparison to lining mainly due to brides and grooms wanting to impress there guests and add a point of difference to their wedding. Although it is slightly more expensive than the plain white roof marquee option a wedding is such a significant life event that all option should be considered to make the day as memorable as possible. Contact one of our friendly team today to discuss your event requirements.