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5 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Next Outdoor Soiree

Picture this: it’s a balmy summer evening, warm but not uncomfortable, a soft breeze is whistling in the trees, you’re standing with soft grass underfoot, holding a chilled flute of champagne, swaying to some relaxing yet vibrant live music. Fairy lights softly illuminate the space, and you see your friends and family dancing and laughing under the moonlight. Sounds divine, right? An outdoor soiree can be a beautiful experience when expertly executed. However, this doesn’t come without adequate planning and control. So you can have the best time possible at your event, we’ve put together 5 rookie mistakes that you should avoid when planning your next outdoor party.

1. Not having appropriate shelter

Whether it’s day or night, you’ll need to make sure that there is more than enough shelter to shield your guests from the elements. Be it beaming sun, winter cold or unexpected rain, you’ll be glad you organised a roof when that unpredictable weather hits. A great way to make sure there is enough shelter for every guest is to hire a marquee, so no one will be left out in the rain.

2. Leaving food out in the sun

A delectable cheese plate is a fantastic idea for nibbles before, during and after your sit down meal at your event. However, give the cheese plate mere minutes in the sun and it will have turned from delicious to drab in no time. Make sure you keep an eye on how long plates of food are left out, and replace them or dispose of them when the time is appropriate.

3. Not having enough food and water

As most modern events serve alcohol, it’s important to remember to keep your guests well fed and well hydrated. As you are hosting the function, you have a certain duty of care you must uphold to the people you will be inviting. Order more than enough food, water and non-alcoholic beverages to keep your guests happy and healthy all night long.

4. Not enough tables and chairs

If everything went absolutely according to plan, guests would RSVP promptly, then arrive on time, with the perfect number of people. However, this is never usually the case. Guests can often bring +1’s that you didn’t account for but can’t turn away, such as children, family or babysitters. Ensure you have more than enough seating, shelter and tables, should this situation arise.

5. Forgetting amenities

Remember – your guests are human, too! They will need all the appropriate amenities, such as toilets, wash basins, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, tissues, paper towel – anything you can think of that might be of use at a party. When thinking about the appropriate quantity of amenities, be sure to consider the number of guests you are having. No one wants to be waiting all night for one toilet!

So, whether you’re planning a daytime garden party or a twilight soiree, make sure you put the effort in to redeem the wonderful results. An outdoor party can be a beautiful experience when carried out well, so ensure you take heed of these 5 rookie mistakes to avoid when planning your next function.